Launching Fall 2019

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The world’s first travel booking app designed for fans attending music, sports and entertainment events.


Sports fans will agree, from the Super Bowl to the Olympic Games, there’s nothing quite like the atmosphere surrounding live-action sports. Rain or shine, win or lose, true sports fans will travel in troves to support their favorite teams.


From Bonnaroo to Glastonbury and Coachella, festivals capture all of our senses and create life-long memories and friendships. The journey there is just as important, as friends travel together across the country—even across borders to experience a multiday celebration.


Music is moving and as devoted fans, we’re willing to travel far and wide to catch our favorite musicians. Whether it’s London’s Royal Albert Hall, or Washington’s Gorge Amphitheatre, we’re willing to go the distance.


Some would say food and culture is a fabric of our existence. We plan trips around extraordinary performances — from laughing uncontrollably at your favourite comedian in the Apollo Theatre to watching an emotionally moving opera performance at The Palais Garnier.

  • Book and save on suitable hotels close to your event

  • Secure ground transportation like black car

  • Curated restaurants and reservations

  • Group bookings made easier with assigned individual payments

Launching Fall 2019

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