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Launchtrip provides teams with resources to elevate their event without impacting their budget.
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Small team, long hours and a tight budget? – major pain points that all events face. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve designed Launchtrip to add more oomph to event teams by providing essential resources like lead generation and logistics support.

Here’s what Launchtrip does for events that no one else can

SALES: Our expert lead generation, marketing and research teams help events increase sponsors, exhibitors and attendees

ATTENDEE/VIP CARE: Our logistics team helps events manage accommodations, ground transportation, food and entertaiment for attendees and VIPs - elevating their experience.

Launchtrip combines sales and client care in a powerful formula to increase sponsors and ticket sales for events - without impacting their budget. The fundamental desire to learn, network and have a great experience is key to prospect commitment.

Here’s what events should expect from Launchtrip

  • Growth in ticket sales
  • Increase in sponsorships
  • Rise in attendee satisfaction
  • Extra nights of restful sleep

So how much will it cost?

Launchtrip is 100% Performance-Based. Launchtrip doesn’t impact event budgets. We make money when we deliver results. No fine print.

Need more sales firepower but already have a hotel solution or partner in place?

At the end of the day, how important is your event’s bottom line? How much new and recurring business does your current hotel or event management solution really provide you? We drive new business and help events keep it - that’s major value add. There’s a reason why top global events use Launchtrip. Is it worth the ROI to have Launchtrip take over hotel management? Absolutely. Find out more about our sales approach